Follea Wigs in Houston, TX

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Follea Wigs Meet Our Artemis Hiqh Quality Standards

Artemis takes pride in every aspect of our work. We understand our clients are going through hair loss and that plays an emotional toll on them. If you’re looking for a wig (we like to call them hair garments) you want to forget you’re wearing it.

You want it to be undetectable where nobody knows you’re wearing a garment unless you tell them. Follea wigs achieves this.

What makes Follea’s Human Hair Wigs different?

Recognized as the world leader in quality and artisan craftsmanship, Follea European wigs have earned the reputation as “Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair. ” Follea has complete control of its brand therefore it can provide the highest quality control standards which allows for unprecedented product quality. They are 100% real European natural hair wigs, made custom for you.

Follea Wigs provided by Artemis Hair Studio - Premiere Houston Wig Shop

Follea Wigs Are Natural Human Hair Wigs with a Superior Standard

Follea is strict on the quality of hair it buys. By only buying single-bound ponytails, Follea ensures that the hair cuticles run in the same direction throughout the entire piece. No hair from a brush and no hair from the floor are ever used.

Most wigs are made with Indian or Chinese Hair, however, Follea’s European hair wigs have a much finer density, making for an amazing look and feel. European hair comes in blondes naturally (which Indian and Chinese do not) so it does not have to be harshly chemically processed to achieve lighter colors and blondes. All Follea human hair wigs are hand-tied with great attention to detail.

Houston Follea Wig Color Choices

  • All of these high standards allows for a gorgeous naturally looking hair garment that even the most discerning women would be proud to wear.
  • You can color them, curl them, use the flat iron, and create various other hair styles just like you would with your own hair.
  • Just feel Follea wigs one time and immediately you will see why it’s the world’s most beautiful hair, and the wig of choice for women wanting a natural, undetectable look for their hair loss.

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Follea Wigs near Houston, Texas

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